Trial development, management and evaluation

Trial development, management and evaluation

Project Overview

This project will provide training for 15 South Australian farming system groups in the design, implementation and evaluation of effective trial and demonstration sites to achieve sustainable agriculture. Two series of workshops will be undertaken with initial workshops addressing trial design, site selection and management, and developing an understanding of appropriate machinery that can be used to improve trial management. Participants will visit sites and see improved placement and management of trials and demonstrations that are leading to increased accuracy and scientific robustness of results recorded for these sites. The second series of workshops will focus on developing skills in trial analysis, reporting and evaluation.


July 2013 – December 2014

Project Activities

The Project includes:

  • Two workshops on trial design, trial site selection and trial management
  • Two workshops on trial analysis, reporting and evaluation
  • Publications on trial design, management and evaluation

Project Outcomes

Workshop One

The following materials are available following the series one workshops:


Workshop One Presentations:

Workshop Two

The following materials are available following the series two workshops

Workshop program outline:

Workshop Two Presentations:

Trial Planning Checklist

At the conclusion of this project a checklist for conducting small plot trials has been produced. The checklist provides a summary of the series of workshops conducted by Roger Lawes from the CSIRO and Beverley Gogel and Dini Ganesalingam from the Statistical Analysis for the Grains Industry in South Australia in 2014.

A checklist for conducting small plot trials-version1

More Information

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