2024 Farm Gross Margin Guide

2024 Farm Gross Margin Guide

Ag Excellence Alliance, with the support of the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT) and the Sheep Industry Fund (SIF), is pleased to be able to continue to bring you this highly valued publication on expected gross margins for broadacre cropping and livestock enterprises in South Australia. It incorporates latest information on input and output pricing to give estimates of the relative profitability of different farm enterprises, as an aid to decision making in enterprise selection.

Each year farmers are confronted with an array of challenges brought on by the vagaries of weather, production and marketing.

Tightening margins are driving the need for a more robust examination of the risks and rewards of the enterprise alternatives. A healthy examination of gross margins of alternative enterprises is an effective tool in assisting with the decision-making process.


The Excel-based version of the Farm Gross Margin Guide has all the normal practices for enterprises pre-loaded into an editable version which can be quickly and easily adjusted to represent individual farmer circumstance. This allows the incorporation of individuals own beliefs and judgements in producing their relevant numbers to aid decision making.

This is a unique guide that provide gross margin analysis for both crops and livestock enterprises across the range of South Australian rainfall zones.

The Ag Excellence Alliance is thankful to have the support of the South Australian Grain Industry Trust and

the Sheep Industry Fund to produce and distribute the guide as a valuable aid in farm enterprise decision-making. Special thanks to Michael Wurst who had the enthusiasm and drive to ensure that the GM Guide was produced.

Excel Editable Gross Margin Guides

These editable Excel versions have been developed by Ag Ex Alliance with funding from the South Australian Grains Industry Trust and the Sheep Industry Trust. Only a basic understanding of Excel is required to use these tools. They aim to provide an easy-to-use mechanism for adjusting representative Gross Margins to individual circumstances. Alternative scenario analysis allows the user to compare varying enterprise mixes. Scenario analysis of price changes, production levels, or inputs can be quickly and easily undertaken. Outputs include expected Gross Farm Income, individual cost components, Gross Farm Profit and Cash Flow (peak debt).

Whole farm business analysis is undertaken in the "Crop and pastures" file, with livestock GM returns input as the income for the "pasture gross margins".



Download and save the files onto your computer, before opening and using. If they are opened directly from the web site the programs will not work.

After opening the file, accept the "Disclaimer" and then “click” on the "Instructions" sheet and read, before using the program."

  • Funded by the South Australian Grains Industry Trust & South Australian Sheep Industry Fund

  • Date: July 2023 - August 2024

  • Project Lead: Michael Wurst

  • Budget: $38,750