Buckleboo Farm Improvement Group

The Buckleboo Farm Improvement Group, commonly known as Big Fig was formed 25 years ago and aims to validate the application of research results, new technologies and management strategies for the upper eastern Eyre Peninsula to speed up their integration and adoption into farming systems.

BFIG aims to:

  • promote agricultural excellence within the region by encouraging sharing of information and resources
  • assist growers in developing new and improved technologies and strategies in the low rainfall region of the Upper Eastern Eyre Peninsula that minimises risk and maximises profitability and ecological sustainability of whole farm systems
  • increase the adoption of risk management strategies to improve profitability and ecological sustainability
  • engage with existing community organisations to participate in steering the direction of future agricultural research and development in the region
  • increase social capital in the low rainfall region of the Upper Eastern Eyre Peninsula and so strengthen agriculture and the community as a whole
  • act as a link between community, industry and government to ensure that the farming community in the region has access to the necessary information to promote agriculture in to the future
  • promote the importance of agriculture and improve awareness of available career opportunities. To develop the necessary linkages and alliances to improve farmers’ terms of trade and increase the prosperity of the region
  • ensure the dissemination of the outcomes of programs through scientific publications, newsletters, reports, media releases and field days for farmers and their communities
  • foster long-term commitment and funding from interested stakeholders in the field of dry-land cereal and livestock farming.