Hart Field Site Group

Our purpose

To deliver value to growers and make agriculture better (in productivity, sustainability & community).

Our vision

To be Australia’s premier cropping field site, providing independent information and enhancing the skills of the agricultural community.

About Hart

Since 1982, the Hart Field-Site Group, a not for profit organisation, have been conducting research, demonstration and extension projects at Hart in the Mid-North of South Australia.

These activities are conducted independently and designed to benefit farmers, focussing on the most relevant issues facing the broad-acre farming community today.

Hart’s operations are overseen by a board of twelve farmers and other industry professionals, and employ staff to manage the group’s activities.

The 40 ha trial site at Hart, owned by the group, is accessible throughout each growing season at various Hart events and for students, industry and farming group tours by appointment.

Annually, Hart deliver four key events to growers in the Mid-North and wider region;

  • Getting The Crop In seminar in March
  • Winter Walk in July
  • Hart Field Day in September
  • Spring Twilight Walk in October

They also facilitate various seminars and workshops.

These are delivered in a range of formats including seminar style and crop walks, using a mix of lecture style presentations and more interactive delivery methods to engage farmers and encourage adoption of new technologies and methods.

Guest presenters include researchers, industry professionals and growers, both local and further afield.

Results are published each year in a comprehensive Trials Results book and are available free online.

Trial research and extension events are substantially funded by sourcing grants and through the valuable contribution made by Hart’s sponsors.

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