MacKillop Farm Management Group

MacKillop Farm Management Group (MFMG) has a vision for sustainable farming through the adoption of research and innovation, and our mission is to collaborate to deliver research and drive adoption for the benefit of members and the broadacre cropping and livestock industry across the Limestone Coast, western Victoria and beyond.

MFMG was formed in 1998 following a bus trip to Geelong to view raised bed cropping systems, with founding chairman, Ian McNeil. In conjunction with a number of farmer groups, MFMG initiated a research and extension program for high rainfall zone cropping in the Limestone Coast.

MFMG’s membership base extends throughout the Limestone Coast of SA and into western Victoria, with the majority of members operating mixed cropping and grazing businesses. MFMG has a professional approach with a strong focus on good governance through our Board, and Operations Committee which are comprised of farmers, agribusinesses and industry representatives.

MFMG’s has a network of hyper-local trial sites throughout our region, funded jointly by members and sponsors, to provide our members with research results that benefit their businesses. Additionally, MFMG has a number of research, demonstration and extension projects that cover all aspects of farming in our area, including soils, pastures, livestock and cropping.