Northern Sustainable Soils (NSS)

Location Northern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Postal Address PO Box 300
Kadina SA 5554
Primary Contact Leighton Wilksch
Phone 0408 428 714

NSS’s aim is to:

Increase Water Use Efficiency (WUE), and hence productivity on the northern soils. This will be achieved through replicated trial work and the subsequent extension of information to the   network of farmers and industry contacts in the group.


The NSS committee is made up of elected members from the farming community and industry people located in the local community. NSS objectives reflect other groups like Ag Excellence Alliance in building strength and sustainability of grower groups and industry through collaboration to provide a positive link between scientists, farmers and stakeholders.

NSS2The highlights of each year within the NSS farmer group are the Early Crop Walk, normally held in July, and the Major Farmer Day, held in September. These days are highly successful with a large turnout viewing the trial sites that tackling some of the local issues of the northern areas. Incorporated into these days are Precision Ag demonstrations, the latest in new machinery and guest speaker presentations. Previous farmer days have also entertained other farmer groups from across Australia, including the Temora Ag Bureau from NSW. NSS1

Collaboration continues within the other farmer groups and industry by the NSS farmer group. The YPASG, MLF, EPARF, SANTFA, SPAA and SARDI all assist in making the information available to farmers the best it can be.

In 2013, a variety of topics are being targeted with replicated trials. Increasing Water Use Efficency (WUE) and the reduction in erosion are high on the list, with soil moisture probes being inserted across the area to determine Best Management Practice strategies for achieving these. A focus on reducing salinity and increasing ground cover of legumes is also taking place.

Brome Grass is one of the worst weeds on NYP, so continued trial work into the control of this weed is occurring in 2013 with emphasise on harvest weed management and pre-emergent chemical control.






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