Mallee Sustainable Farming

Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc. (MSF) is a farmer driven, not for profit, organisation delivering research and extension services to the less than 350mm rainfall Mallee cropping regions of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. MSF operates within a region of over four million hectares, extending beyond Balranald (NSW) in the east to Murray Bridge (SA) in the west. MSF operates to ensure that the vital research development and extension that will underpin the future productivity and sustainability of farming in the low rainfall Mallee continues.

MSF works on a partnership approach to facilitate the application of key research and development activities within the region. This brings together national, regional and local research and development capabilities to create an impact far greater than operating independently. The scientific rigour of this program provides a sound basis for the MSF extension program working with leading research providers and consultants to deliver quality outcomes.

MSF has identified key areas for work as a guide for investment in research, development and extension in this region:

  • Supporting the adoption of break crops
  • Sandy soil improvement
  • Preventing and managing Mallee seeps
  • Frost research
  • Innovative pasture systems
  • Integrating stock and grazing systems
  • Supporting improved farm management
  • Supporting adoption of integrated weed management
  • Innovative extension platforms

MSF projects have identified and promoted sustainable farming practices that align with natural resource management partners within the Mallee with a primary focus on reducing the threat of wind erosion, maintaining ground cover and improving the health of Mallee soils.

MSF has a strong emphasis on farmer extension, and with a 23-year history is well networked to engage farmers and stakeholders in the region. MSF has a significant membership of around 950 people. This gives MSF significant reach when it comes to promotion and engagement through extension activities using multiple approaches to facilitate the easy flow of information to farmers, advisors and researchers. Feedback is also regularly sought from MSF members