Society of Precision Ag Australia

SPAA supports innovation, and innovation includes people. Founded in 2002, SPAA, a not for profit extension body, is Australia’s only dedicated farming group communicating and advocating for the increased adoption of PA. It provides independent, timely and relevant information to the grains, winegrape, sugarcane, horticulture and livestock industries. Annually, over 2000 participants have benefited from SPAA events and publications, and in turn these members have helped drive research, development and extension that deliver on-ground benefits to farmers and industry stakeholders. With access to networks Australia wide and quality information, the opportunities for members to share ideas are a critical element of progressive and resilient farming communities. We strongly believe in the SPAA motto of ‘Guiding you to farming success’.

SPAA provides support and information, facilitating access to learn about the capabilities of a range of PA innovations that are applied across a wide-range of agricultural sectors, through a multitude of extension programs, methodolgies and resources. Adoption success has been championed by extension and outreach programs focused on engagement, practical implementation and farmer case studies. This access to timely PA information, through SPAA seminars, workshops, expos, magazines, factsheets and online channels including a popular website and social media, results in better informed, and more confident decisions being made.

The varying rates of PA adoption across industries and between technologies present a number of challenges. SPAA believes in ensuring that farmers and industry personnel are up-skilled in the use of technology currently on the market and seeks to improve the knowledge and use of these.

In 19 years, SPAA has made significant contributions to promoting the uptake and adoption of PA innovations on farm through learning, sharing, connecting and inspiring. Through traditional dissemination and modern outreach initiatives, SPAA keeps PA innovations at the forefront, ensuring a viable Australian agricultural industry.