2022 Ag Excellence Perpetual Award Winner for Outstanding Service to Agriculture

The Ag Excellence Perpetual Award for Outstanding Service to Agriculture was awarded to one of Mallee Sustainable Farming’s (MSF) most prized contributors. Tanja Morgan is renowned for the innovative way she adopts fresh approaches to communicating and extending information to farmers and the wider rural community.

From left: Leet Wilksch and Tanja Morgan
From left: Leet Wilksch and Tanja Morgan

Nicole Byrnes, MSF Chair, said Tanja has always put farmers first, describing her unrelenting commitment to ensure that Mallee farmers have access to and receive their fair share of the RD&E investment dollar”.

“The Mallee and the broader Ag Excellence grower group network benefit enormously from Tanja’s valued contributions. Her dedication and tenacity is reflected in her efforts to broaden the reach of initiatives undertaken beyond the MFS borders, building collaborative partnerships with a number of grower groups in co-delivering projects”, said Leet Wilksch, Ag Ex Chair.

Ag Excellence Perpetual Award State Register

for outstanding contribution to sustainable agriculture

Lyn Dohle has been living on Kangaroo Island for just over 30 years. Since the day she arrived she has not stopped working for our community. Some of us get tired just watching her.

She uses her technical skills and knowledge to the advantage of everybody in the agriculture sector.

Her contribution to the agricultural sector is immeasurable. She doesn't just participate, she leads, one key result is the organisation that is AgKI. She brought together multiple groups and sectors of the agriculture industry, forming them into a single united voice for the primary producers of Kangaroo Island.

Lyn has helped to create and support many profitable and sustainable agricultural enterprises.