Grain & Graze 2

Grain & Graze 2

Project Brief:

The project aims to achieve practice change amongst farmers by increasing their knowledge and skills. The project acknowledges the importance and impact of advisers and uses advisers to achieve attitude change utilising the engagement and skill base of farmer groups. The project will result in a more resilient mixed farming sector with improved whole farm profitability, whole farm sustainability and whole farm ground cover. This project will be supported by and delivered across five NRM regions in South Australia. Key project partners will include farming systems groups working with specialist expertise.  Land managers will be engaged in developing and delivering program objectives. 1500 land managers representing 900000 hectares will change practice as a result of project activities. These practice changes will deliver a 10% increase in profitability resulting in an estimated additional $15 mill/annum to participants. Whole farm water use efficiency will improve biomass production by 10% and grain water use efficiency by 5% over the life of the project. Biomass production gains and livestock management initiatives will contribute to the increase in profitability. These practice changes will also deliver significant improvements in ground cover resulting in an additional 675000 ha adequately protected from erosion.

Project Duration:

June 2010 - May 2013

Project Area:

East South Australia

For more information contact:

Mandy Pearce: 0418 805 670 or

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