Snail Monitoring

Snail Monitoring

Project Overview

This project will provide farmers with better information to assist them manage snail populations that are damaging newly emerging crops. The project will engage farmers, researchers and advisors to develop, demonstrate and apply remote sensing monitoring techniques to fill key gaps in the knowledge of snail reproduction.Collated information and control alerts will be developed, and used to assist 1,150 farmers to achieve effective snail control before egg laying, thereby optimising snail control. Outcomes will include improved productivity, improved management practices and reduced soil erosion.


July 2013 – December 2014

Project Activities

The Project includes:

  • Working with farmers and advisors to demonstrate & evaluate remote sensing technologies
  • Collecting, analysing, & modelling data
  • Extending findings, snail management information and issuing "control alerts"
  • Developing remote sensing blueprint

More Information

For further details,  contact Michael Richards 0427 547 052 or