Survey to help identify soil needs and priorities across Australia

Survey to help identify soil needs and priorities across Australia

We all understand that healthy soils are fundamentally linked to strong regional communities through their connections to agriculture and the environment, which is a key focus of the Smart Soils Community of Practice and the National Soil Strategy. To improve soil health and strengthen soil knowledge and capability, we need to understand current gaps in soil knowledge, management, adoption and extension practices better. Your input is crucial to this better understanding.

Why this survey?

This 20 min survey is aimed at people who work in advisory or extension roles with growers, farmers, and landholders and landholder themselves. It is designed to gather information about local issues, what ways soil advice is being provided and local soil issues and where extension activities are occurring.
Please feel free to encourage any of your neighbours and colleagues to complete the survey by forwarding this email with the survey link to them.

Who is conducting this survey?

This survey is being carried out by Lucy the Regional Soils Coordinator working with the South Australian Drought Hub. I am one of eight Regional Soil Coordinators across Australia funded through the Australian Governments National Landcare Program, Building Landcare Community Capacity: Soil Extension Activities. All of the regional Soil Coordinators are members of the Smart Soil Community of Practice convened by Soil Science Australia. And all 8 Regional Soil Coordinators are conducting this survey in their regions to obtain a national understanding of the soil extension sphere.

What happens to the information collected?

The results will be used by the Regional Soil Coordinators to inform approaches under the National Soil Action Plan.
The aggregated (anonymous) results from this survey will be used to provide a report to the Australian Government. All responses to this survey will remain anonymous. The only identifying information recorded with this data will be your postcode. It is a stand-alone survey, and no follow up contact is required after its completion.

Survey closes 30 September 2023