Spray Technology – the EPARF Members’ Day

Each year the Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation (EPARF) host a member’s day to reward those who have committed to the operations of the Minnipa Agricultural Centre.

EPARF, through its 290 farmer member base, supports the research, development and extension activities of the Minnipa Research Centre for the benefit of farm businesses on the Eyre Peninsula. This year’s members day is about spray technology, which is considered one of the most challenging parts of farming operations, which can make or break the farming system.

Listen to the EPARF chair, members and sponsor representatives speak about their view of EPARF and the members day.

EPARF hosts annual farmer events every year for it’s members only, so we’re trying to give back to the members that’s subscribe to us. We have about currently 290 to 300 members, which membership is a very important base It proves that farmers are committed to Minipa, and it allows Minipa to be more committed to its farmers.

Innovative and Passionate Farmers

I’ve had a long allegance with the EPARF group, with ever since Rabo’s been on Eyre Peninsula so we’ve been coming for nine years now, and I’ve found that the group itself to be innovative farmers who are passionate about their farming and always trying to come up with new ideas for the day and to generate interest, it’s been a really good relationship. Robo is very strong about  improving the knowledge of our clients, and so I see this as a very good way of assisting our clients to better their skills.

And as a result they have more profitable businesses. We pride ourselves on being kind of the knowledge bank. through here, and the first nozzle will change, and this nozzle will change. This year’s field day is about spray technologies and getting the more out of our spray regimes. We all need to become much more efficient in the way we use our sprays.

Learning from Farming Researchers

It is the most time consuming, the most costly, probably one of the most challenging things we do in our farming operation. Did we get out spraying wrong? Our whole farming system could collapse. That’s just good information from some very good speakers. People from Adelaide and University of New South Wales, and contract sprayers. It was just really good with very relevant and very beneficial certainly change a few things from it.

We don’t get the time to do the research, we do the on farm stuff, but these guys doing the little things for us, it’s all those little things you pick up That have been really good today. The speakers were good. So, probably a few things you’ll take home and try implement. I found that it was a really good day.

Learned a few things myself. A few things I can take back to my farm. We have had a wonderful turn out this year, and it obviously shows how relevant this information is. To all the farmers.