Rural Youth Bursary

The Agricultural Bureau of South Australia is inviting any person living in a rural area, aged between 18 and 30 to apply for the Rural Youth Bursary, an award that provides sponsorship towards pursuing further study in a career to the benefit of the community.

Applicants submit their own written applications and selection for the Bursary is based upon the individuals’ motivations, abilities and achievements in pursuing their chosen career.

The winning applicant of the Bursary will receive a $5000 grant that has been provided to the Agricultural Bureau as part of the South Australian Rural Youth movement.

The winner will use the Bursary for further study, a study tour or a project towards their field of interest.

Nominations for the bursary will close Friday, 17th August 2012.

Guidelines for the Rural Youth Bursary and other awards are available from the Agricultural Bureau of SA website or by phoning 1800 652 258 or 8226 0351.