‘Production & Environment Partnerships’ 2016 Publications just released

Delivering multiple benefit messages – A partnership with NRM is an innovative project that has delivered technologies to growers across southern Australia for the purposes of increasing production and profitability while also addressing key natural resource issues.

Working in partnership with seven NRM regions, the project has brought together the expertise of the grains industry with natural resource networks in these regions to extend the uptake of new and improved farming practices.

Two booklets have just been released that highlight the key messages from the project –

‘Guidelines to managing sandy soils across low-rainfall regions of south-eastern Australia – Practical strategies to optimise productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability

This practical guide provides a comprehensive, technically-up-to-date overview of integrated weed management (IWM) options growers across the low-rainfall regions of south-eastern Australia can employ to maximise their broader crop returns. The practices outlined in the publication are sustainable and provide environmental benefits as well as offering cost-effective and successful weed control outcomes. This valuable source will appeal to growers, their advisors and those involved in natural resource management.


‘Guidelines to managing key weed species across low-rainfall regions of south-eastern Australia – Practical strategies for effective integrated weed control

A collection of current local trial data and grower experience. Featured are research findings from interstate, particularly Western Australia where extensive research has been carried out and growers have had many years of practical experience managing sandy soils. This publication endeavours to equip growers and advisors weight the most up-to-date information to improve soil health, structure and productivity.

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