Grain Producers SA launch GM Petition

GRAIN Producers SA is encouraging growers to sign a petition that calls on the State Government to lift the moratorium on growing genetically modified crops in South Australia.

GPSA chief executive officer Darren Arney says the petition highlights producers’ need for freedom of choice on variety selection.

“The feedback from members to us is that they are becoming increasingly frustrated they do not have the same freedom of choice in their farming systems that their interstate counterparts have,” he said.

“GPSA’s policy is that growers should have the freedom of choice to grow the cereal, legume and oilseed varieties that best fit their farming system. This means having access to genetically modified crops.

“With an estimated export value this year of $2.4 billion, the grains industry is a major contributor to South Australia’s economy. However, in recent years, our capacity to increase productivity has slowed. As a result, we need to ensure we have access to all the latest technology to ensure our industry’s continued profitability and sustainability.”

GPSA will collate the petition – which is a letter addressed to Minister for Agriculture Leon Bignell asking him to lift the moratorium – and forward it to the State Government.

GPSA believes the benefits to a farming system of using GM crops include:

  • Increased weed control options and reduced reliance on chemicals for weed control.
  • Increased crop rotation options.
  • Increased production per hectare.
  • Increased competitiveness nationally and globally.
  • Increased profitability for individual grain growing enterprises, which contributes to higher employment and jobs growth.

 To sign the GM petition:

  1. Download the petition from the website here or call 1300 734 884 to have it posted.
  2. Sign it and send it back to GPSA to collate and send to the Minister.
    1. Free post to: Reply Paid, Grain Producers SA Ltd 83999, Mount Barker SA 5251
    2. Fax to 08 8391 4901
    3. Scan and email to
    4. Use your electronic signature in e-forms online