Introducing the Ag Excellence Social Media Project

Ag Excellence’s Social Media Project will generate and promote 40 expert high quality video messages for farmers and advisors.

It will also provide training and facilitation services for production of additional expert generated content about best practice land management for soil acidification, erosion, cell grazing of native pastures & farming systems management.

These tools are changing the way we do business. They’re our window to the world. They provide us with instant access to information and allow us to communicate our messages to a huge audience. In the next few minutes You’ll hear about an exciting opportunity for you to be involved in a social media revolution.

Supporting Broad Acre Agriculture with Social Media

I’m Bill Long, Chairman of Ag Excellence Alliance. We’re an organization committed to supporting broad acre agriculture in south Australia through the support of farming systems groups. Social media provides a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. It dramatically changes the way we share and obtain information and provides us access to worldwide conversation.

(Social media) provides a means to exchange just in time information and allows interaction between people across vast distances. It’s a low cost method of delivering technical information and allows farmers and advisers to share their skills and experiences.

Building Social Media Skills for Farmers

We are preparing the HSD with control, wind row burning and that chaff cart system. The project is funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country initiative and aims to build the skills and abilities of people and groups involved in the use of social media. In particular, the project will support the production of short videos which will assist in the extension of information around and innovative and sustainable farm practices.

There will be many uses for the video clips that change the way farmers interact with researchers and their advisors. Video clips will be used for presentations at conferences, field days, and training events. They’ll provide instruction and demonstration of new and innovative farm practices.

Mark Stanley, Manager of the Ag Excellence Social Media Project

Joining me now is Mark Stanley, manager of the social media project.

Mark, who’s our target audience?

Bill, the project’s targeting the fifteen farming systems groups that are associated with the Ag Ex Alliance. We’re also targeting farm advisers, the agribusiness sector, and also the Natural Resource management organisations across the state.

Apart from the production of videos, what else will the program achieve?

The project is going to provide training opportunities for all those associated with the farming systems groups in the production of short videos, but also in understanding the uses of social media. So I invite you to participate in this exciting new project to learn more about the use of these mobile devices to tell your story and the social media revolution.

To find out more and get involved, contact project manager Mark Stanley.