Growing carbon farming pilot program applications open now

Growing carbon farming pilot program applications open now

The Pilot will support the establishment of a minimum of six commercial carbon demonstration projects that will be used to demonstrate and quantify carbon abatement, alongside measurable environmental and socio-economic co-benefits best suited to South Australia. Projects may involve one or more project partner and co-funding. This means other entities, apart from the primary applicant can participate, and help deliver the funded project. Up to $100,000 GST exclusive will be available per project.

Areas of focus

The Pilot will accept applications for projects that demonstrate and quantify carbon abatement through carbon farming.

The Pilot projects must:

  • Demonstrate a carbon farming method and or practice that has application for the South Australian primary industry sector
  • Demonstrate how carbon farming activities contribute to revenue and jobs in South Australia.
  • Demonstrate and quantify the co-benefits of carbon farming.
  • Improve knowledge and capability, particularly for small to medium farm enterprises or larger businesses and other organisations yet to engage with carbon markets.

Applications open

The Pilot is now open for applications from applicants who are interested in or already undertaking carbon farming projects and who want to participate in the Pilot. The applications will be open from 25 August 2022 to 9pm ACST 22 September 2022. Grants will be provided to a minimum of six commercial carbon projects to help cover early establishment costs, including technical advice and carbon measurement costs. The Pilot will run for 12 2 Carbon Farming Demonstration Pilot Guidelines V2.1 months and funding can also be used to cover participation in Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) led demonstration activities aimed at improving knowledge and capability.