Business as usual at the Hart field day

Business as usual at the Hart field day

It will be ‘business as usual’ at the Hart Field Day on Tuesday, 21 September with the state’s premier cropping field site opening its gates to growers keen to see how the site’s trials are progressing and hear the latest research and trials news.

Following a hiatus from face-to-face field day presentations in 2020, Hart chairman Ryan Wood says the group is looking forward to again be presenting its highly-anticipated annual event, with some small adjustments to accommodate ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

“We’re excited and optimistic to be able to welcome visitors back to the Hart Field Day again in 2021,” he said.

“We have planned a program of 20 sessions presented by 30 specialist guest speakers who will cover a broad range of topics, so growers and advisors will receive the excellent value they’ve come to expect from Hart.

Some of the program highlights include ‘Wheat head emergence and flowering controls – reality vs risk’– selecting wheat varieties for sowing time and environment, and understanding what controls wheat and how we can control that, presented by Colin Edmondson.

Canola technologies and resistance management, including glyphosate considerations and best control of ryegrass with Peter Boutsalis is also likely to be a popular session.

Pre-emergent herbicides, canola varieties, cereal disease and fungicide resistance, and hay agronomy with market updates will feature. Among the other sessions are pasture and livestock, legume and oilseed herbicide tolerance, plus variety updates, agronomy and more.

Tickets must be pre-purchased online and are fully refundable.

While early registrations are encouraged, online registrations will remain open until lunchtime on the 21st, so even if you decide on the day to head along it is easy to sign up before you arrive and fast track your way through the gate

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