Ag Excellence Forum & Awards to be held biennually

Ag Excellence Forum & Awards to be held biennually

From left: Jay Cummins [MSF], Naomi Scholz [Air EP] & Prue Lynch [MSF] attending Forum2022
From left: Jay Cummins [MSF], Naomi Scholz [Air EP] & Prue Lynch [MSF] attending Forum2022

South Australia’s premier grower group forum will move to a biennual event in 2024. Ag Excellence (Ag Ex) will continue to provide a valuable network hub for grower groups with the introduction of an EO Network forum on alternate years.

Scheduled to be held on 21 June this year at the Marion Hotel, EO’s from Ag Ex’s affiliated 19 grower groups will have the opportunity to gather for a facilitated workshop co designed to address key topics as identified by the EO’s.

Ag Ex established the EO network in late 2020 with Jeanette Long from Ag Consulting Co taking on the facilitator role in a series of zoom meetings. The network has continued to gain momentum with Meg Bell, CEO of Mackillop Farm Management Group and Ag Ex committee member, most recently coordinating the collective group.

Topics addressed to date include committee and board training; how to better collaborate on projects; continuity of business; and insurance. Sandy Kimber, Hart Field Site Group EO is an enthusiastic supporter, thanking Ag Ex “for persevering with this concept, I get great value from the professional development, networking and relationship building opportunities these events provide”.

The face to face interactive forum will feature topic-specific speakers who will lead the group in navigating the key learnings they can adopt to help build capacity building within their individual committees and boards.

“Ag Ex is committed to providing leadership and further strengthening the SA network of grower group EO’s and effectively supporting the upskilling in priority areas identified by the grower groups”, said Leet Wilksch, Ag Ex Chair.

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) has been a long-term supporter of this valuable network with the SA Drought Hub also partnering with Ag Ex for 2023.

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