Ag Ex – a ‘must’ at the YP Field Days

The Ag Excellence Alliance will be prominent at the YP Field Days sharing its site with a range of its RD&E partners.

Ag Ex will be hosting a number of organisations displaying their contributions to the states agricultural industries. Bringing together farming groups and other industry players to collaborate and share their expertise has been an important role that Ag Ex has played since its inception.

The site will be easy to find by looking for the demonstrations of improved watering points using a range of trough valves to achieve effective flow rates using low cost solar submersible pumps out the front. There will also be demonstrations of snail cam and how snails behave in the paddock.

Northern Yorke NRM Regional Landcare Facilitator will be on hand to discuss the range of new initiatives to support sustainable farm practices in the region over the next five years.

There will be the opportunity to learn about the new Carbon Farming Futures Extension and Outreach project. This project will be working with 30 of some of the most experienced farm consultants from across South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania to deliver carbon farming information to farmers and land managers. The project is being led by Regional Connections with support of a lead consortium of farm consultants.

The Ag Ex Social Media in Agriculture project will feature with vision of short videos produced by farming groups over the past 20 months, plus a range of resources to make getting into social media easier.

The GRDC will be present at the site with a range of resources highlighting the latest crop management options based on their extensive RD&E investments in the region.

Ag Ex prides itself in its ability to provide support to farming systems groups across the state. The site will feature displays on the activities from the YP Alkaline Soils group, the Northern Sustainable Soils group and the Mid North High Rainfall group.

Rural Skills Australia will be present to explain opportunities for accessing industry training in the regions.

Rural Solutions SA consultants will be on hand to present with the latest on managing soil acidity, an issue that has been not well addressed in recent times but still impact significantly on farm productivity.

Come and visit us at the Ag Excellence marquee at 516 Bute Road (slightly South East of the YP Field Day Office) and see how collaboration can support an exciting future for community driven RD&E in our state.


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