Upper North field day for farmers and graziers

Farmers and graziers will have information aplenty on offer to them at the annual Upper North Farming Systems (UNFS) 2014 Annual Field Day at Booleroo Centre on Thursday, August 7.

The day will kick off at the Booleroo Centre Sporting Complex, with guest speakers, a farmer panel and lunchtime demonstrations, followed by two field trial tours in the afternoon.

Upper North Farming Systems project officer Ruth Sommerville says the event has a big focus on mixed farming – both livestock and cropping – and is a great opportunity for farmers to hear first-hand from experts in the field as well as share ideas on topical issues.
“They’ve had significant early season rainfall in the Upper North region and the outlook for the season is promising. There’s been a lot of urea put out post-sowing, but with the rain comes increased disease risk coming into the Spring. There is also increased weed pressure, particularly brome grass and barley grass that require targeted and timely weed management strategies,” she says.

“We’ll have Hugh Wallwork from SARDI at the field day to speak about cereal foliar diseases, and Ben Fleet from the University of Adelaide speaking on hard to control weeds.

“Meat and Livestock Australia’s Jake Philips will also be there speaking on the Meat Standards Australia program for sheep production.”
Lunch time demonstrations will include sheep handling technology and electric fencing.

Another feature of the day will be a review of the 2013 seeder comparison trial results followed by a farmer and advisor panel sharing ideas about seeder set-up and calibration and the impact it can have on seed establishment.

The comparison of seeding systems is continuing in 2014 and the post-pasture sowing trial will be inspected during the afternoon field tour.
The afternoon field visit will also include the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board-funded onion weed trial site.

“The Northern and Yorke NRM are valuable partners to the UNFS group, providing funding and support to the Onion Weed Trial, as well as other trials and extension activities including a spot spray technology trial and over the farm fence site visits,” Mrs Sommerville says.
The GRDC-sponsored field day is for UNFS members. New members are welcome and a range of membership options are available for people to join the group on the day.

Registrations for the UNFS 2014 Field Day will begin at 8.30am on August 7, with presentations starting at 9am. Sessions at the Booleroo Centre Sporting Complex will run from 9am-2.30pm, with field site visits from 2.30pm-5pm.

For more details and membership information contact Ruth Sommerville on 0401 042 223 or email unfs@outlook.com.au