Smart Farms Small Grants– Round 3 Now Open!

Smart Farms Small Grants– Round 3 Now Open!

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Grants valued between $5,000 and $50,000 are available for projects that support adoption of tools and technologies to improve land management practices. Apply today!

The Smart Farms Small Grants program funds organisations and inviduals to undertake sustainable agriculture projects and build the capacity and capability of Australia’s farmers, fishers and foresters, as well as broader communities, to adopt best practice natural resource management methods. This will deliver more sustainable, productive and profitable agriculture, fishing, aquaculture and forestry industries. It also proctects and improves the condition of natural resourcs, especially soils and vegetation, and assist in protecting Australia’s biodiversity.

Organisations and individuals can apply for Smart Farm Small Grants to fund projects that promote and deliver adoption of best practice sustainable land management. Applicants may also apply for projects that strengthen the capacity of Landcare groups and others to build their capacity to adopt best practices. Projects can be delivered locally, regionally and multi-regionally

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Contact your local Regional Landcare Facilitator.

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