“Show Us Your Nods”

Take the FREE Eyre Nodulation Challenge

FREE Eyre, GRDC and Profarmer Australia are out to find the BEST nodulating legume or pasture crops across South Australia – and to give free, expert feedback from GRDC to all participants.

The nitrogen that is fixed by these crops or pasture and becomes available for the next cereal or canola crop is one of the unseen and often most under-valued benefits of growing legumes.

SA Growers can enter the competition by registering their details at www.free-eyre.com.au

Participants dig up a legume plant, wash away the soil and photograph the root mass of the plant against the backdrop of the FREE Eyre / GRDC / Profarmer supplied placard.
Then, email / post your photos to info@free-eyre.com.au or 33 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.

To enter and for more information follow the link https://www.free-eyre.com.au/show-us-ya-nods