Sandhill Blowhole Rehabilitation to Increase Soil Cover

Linden Masters, Regional Landcare Facilitator on the Eyre Peninsula and Terry Schmucker, a farmer from Waddikee on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, discuss Terry’s innovative approach to solving sand hill blow holes on his property.

Years of drought and unsustainable farming practices have resulted in large blow holes developing on the dune swale country of the eastern and central Eyre Peninsula. Terry’s move to no till and variable rate farming practices have inspired him to find a solution to turning unproductive sand hills into productive areas whilst eliminating erosion risk.

The smudge bar that Terry designed and built levels blow holes and with the use of bio solids and clay, he is able to stabilise sand hills, overcome non wetting issues and begin to grow productive crops on these areas.

This is another video supported by the Social Media in Agriculture project funded by Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative.