Opportunity to join the Mallee Sustainable Farming Team

Opportunity to join the Mallee Sustainable Farming Team

Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc (MSF) is seeking a leader looking to make a difference in agriculture and natural resource management.

Executive Officer will lead a team and manage a not-for profit business that delivers agriculture and natural resource outcomes for farmers and the community. The position is supported by a dynamic professional Board. MSF partners with farming systems groups, R&D organizations, universities and state and federal government to develop, demonstrate and implement new management practices on-farm to improve productivity and natural resource outcomes.

The Executive Officer will have knowledge and passion for agriculture and sustainable resource management and capacity building for landholders. They will have drive to innovate and bring new opportunities to a highly progressive agriculture community. The EO is expected to negotiate, develop partnerships, attract funding and engage with farmers and other key stakeholders.

MSF partners with farmers and producer networks, driving change in practice, striving to grow and increase investment from industry to increase innovation for the region. MSF operates across one of Australia’s most productive agriculture regions, we are supported by a highly engaged and innovative agriculture community and we have a long history and reputation in natural resource management.

If you are looking for an opportunity to lead, seek variety and flexibility in your workplace, an environment to grow your skills, experience and networks and a beautiful landscape to work in this position could be for you.

Applications close Friday, 24 February 2023.