New song encourages farmers to make a ‘carbon resolution’

Ardrossan singing farmer and adviser Bill Long launched a new parody song on YouTube today, Carbon Resolution, designed to encourage farmers to consider how greenhouse gas emissions and global warming could be influencing the future of their farms.

Mr Long started a new brand of agricultural extension 12 months ago when he released the Wild Radish Song, a new take on Gotye’s hit single ‘Somebody I used to know’, which has now been viewed more than 24,000 times.

Mr Long says the new song encourages advisers and farmers to have a conversation about how farming practices can improve productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately slowing global warming.

He believes if there is no action now, this generation will be the last to hand on the farm to the next generation in a better state than they received it.

“I’m hoping my song will start conversations about how farmers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming,” Mr Long said. “If we don’t make changes now it will be too late.”

The release of Carbon Resolution is part of an extension program, Building Farmer and Advisor Knowledge in Carbon Farming, designed to train farm advisers and improve their understanding of carbon farming.

Mr Long wrote the new song after being inspired by the success of The Wild Radish Song.

“My original song created interest from growers and advisers to go and find out more information about herbicide-resistant radish,” he said. “This latest effort is aimed to be the hook to create some interest in the hopes to get the dialogue between farmers and advisers going.

“We’ve spent just over 12 months training ourselves as advisers about the Carbon Farming Initiative and now its time to discuss the issues with the growers we work with.”

He hopes people listen to the message in the lyrics, which address the small production changes that can be made which, accumulatively as an industry, will have a big impact on greenhouse gas emission and global warming.

“I hope it’s an ‘ear worm’ and I hope you listen to it more than once! It’s a song inspired by John Butler’s Revolution, which is a catchy song I enjoy,” he said.

The song is aimed to reach the current farming generation who can make a decision now to change practices.

“They’re the ones that need to heed the messages. We are the last generation of farmers that have an opportunity to change practices and have an impact.”

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