Making More from Sheep co-funding opportunities available now

Making More from Sheep (MMfS) delivers awareness, learning and supported adoption opportunities to lamb and wool producers to improve the productivity, profitability and resilience of their business.

Phase II of MMfS commenced in SA in October 2010. In this time, seventy-eight events were delivered to 1448 participants across South Australia. Satisfaction and value scores averaged across all events measured 8.64 and 8.21 respectively. MLA and AWI have committed funding for a further two years (2014 and 2015) to deliver Making More from Sheep nationally. Natasha Morley of Rural Directions Pty Ltd is the South Australian State Coordinator of the MMfS program for this period. So far in 2014, fifteen MMfS co-funded events have been delivered to 297 participants, with additional activities continuing into 2015 in some cases.

With a new delivery window approaching from 2015, now is the time to consider the needs of sheep producers in your region.

The defining feature of the MMfS program delivery is the increased emphasis on moving producers beyond ‘awareness’ style activities to a point where it can be demonstrated that as a result of participating in a MMfS activity they either:
1. Quantifiably increased their knowledge, skills or confidence AND/OR
2. Implemented a practice change on farm that has resulted in a production and/or economic benefit

Expressions of interest are invited by interested deliverers, sheep producer groups and sheep producers. Applications are invited for activities to be delivered from February to October 2015.

Funds will be allocated to the delivery of activities which best meet the needs and objectives of the MMfS program in South Australia. We will endeavour to fund as many activities, of as broad a subject range as possible, however priority will be given to the events and topics which:
• Best align with the MMfS program goals;
• Address key industry and regional issues;
• Are considered to have the greatest potential impact on increasing producer knowledge and skills and provide a pathway to implementation of practice change; and
• Demonstrate cost effectiveness, meeting the requirements for participant contributions.

Applications open: 10 November 2014

Applications close: No closing date, however if you wish to run activities in February, please submit applications by Friday 2 January 2015

As a guide, all applications are due at least 6 weeks prior to your proposed event start date.

Delivery period:  Applications will be accepted for activities to be delivered from February 2015 – October 2015

Applications are open, and will remain open until funds are committed. However, given the relatively short delivery period available, producers and deliverers are encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible.

For more information about Making More from Sheep visit

Please read the MMfS SA Information Memorandum which outlines the opportunities available and funding guidelines, and the Application Form

If you would like to take up the opportunity to have a Making More from Sheep event held in your area, but are unsure where to start with the application process, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss. I welcome the opportunity to discuss event ideas and am happy assist you in making a start with the development of an application for a local event.

For more information about the MMfS program in SA, please contact Natasha Morley at or call 08 8841 4500.

Please note: More Beef from Pastures delivers a similar program in South Australia. Please contact for program details and an application form.