Lentils – a recipe for success

Peter and Cherry Farrow from Wool Bay on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia show us how the lentils they have been growing now for twenty years can be part of a delicious meal, prepared in Cherry’s kitchen.

Cherry prepares a lentil salad with lentils taken straight from the paddock, topped with lean lamb chops and haloumi cheese. Peter and his agronomist Bill Long discuss how sustainable farming practices enable them to use lentils straight from the paddock with minimal preparation. Follow the link for the recipe so you can try it yourself: https://www.inspireandinform.com.au/files/rvjslhdirj/Lamb-Lentil-&-Haloumi-Salad_recipe.pdf

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This is another video supported by the Social Media in Agriculture project funded by Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative.

Well, we’ve got a windy day at Wall Bay. These are jumbo lentils that we reaped in December 2012. And just going to grab a few of these and take them back to the kitchen where Sherry’s going to cook them. And after 20 years of growing lentils who would’ve thought they just taste sensational. Have a look at how these lentils look straight out of the paddock.

Lentils – A Quick, Easy Salad Option

I’m just going to show you now how quick and easy it is to make a fabulous lentil salad using these, and putting a bit of lamb chops and maybe some Halloumi cheese on top. We’ll just pop in the onion, continental cucumber, three tomatoes, and just mix that all up and around. So just grab a cup full of lentils.

And we need to rinse them first because they are straight out of the paddock. And then what I like to do to actually clear the little husks and bits out of and just fill up a bowl with water. All the little half in that will actually float to the top. Tip them in the saucepan. And just add two cups of water to those and a clove of garlic.

Now just remember to give it a bit of a stir as well while they’re coming up to the boil, and just Throughout the cooking process just stir them every now and again. But make sure you get right around the dish because they will have a tendency to stick a little bit if you don’t actually lift them all up off the bottom.

OK so you can see now how it’s starting to boil and they’re starting to roll in the sauce pan. When they start doing that that’s your key or cue to just turn it down a fraction. And once they’re to the Just set your timer for about 20 minutes and they should be right to go. OK, so now the lentils are nicely drained.

We’ll just in there as well. So just mix those lentils in. They’re looking beautiful in there. One tablespoon of olive oil. one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice. Slice the mint into your dish. Salt and pepper. OK. Let’s plate up this delicious looking salad. Sticky balsamic Just a light drizzle over the top, and voila.

Lentils Make a Great Staple, Only Recently Considered

Look at that fantastic meal. Sherry, this meal looks fantastic. a plate for lunch that’s great. No problem, Bill. Enjoy. Oh I am, and I’m really enjoying these lentils, Peter. It’s hard to think twenty years ago we didn’t even grow this crop and now it’s part of our main fare, it’s replaced the coleslaw and potatoes Peter. Fantastic. Yeah, look it’s not traditional food for us.

But, you know, we can bring it straight from the paddock and with our good farming practices put it straight on the plate. And it’s wonderful. tastes great it’s really, really good. Well done guys, fantastic. Cheers.