GRDC releases its research, development & extensionn plan 2023-2028

GRDC releases its research, development & extensionn plan 2023-2028

This plan outlines GRDC's intent to drive major gains for Australian grain growers through a billion dollars of impactful research, development and extension over the next five years.

Australian grain growers seek out and adopt new technology and have an appetite for change. Science and technological innovation are progressing at a rapid pace. The world needs affordable, safe, sustainably produced food, feed, and energy – and lots of it. While change is inevitable and challenges lie ahead, the Australian grains industry is well placed to build on our efficiency, reputation, and location to capitalise on strong global demand opportunities.

GRDC Managing Director Nigel Hart said the new plan would build on 30 years of RD&E investments with research partners to deliver RD&E that improves the profitability and sustainability of Australian grain growers.

“At any time GRDC manages more than 500 RD&E projects ranging in scope from multi-million-dollar national projects with university research partners and other Research Development Corporations, to small projects with farming systems groups designed to deliver against regional needs,” Mr Hart said.

“We understand that research is a long game. There is a time-lag between discovery and adoption, so foresight is needed to ensure we have a portfolio of investments that delivers impact for the problems of today and tomorrow.”

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Our Purpose: To invest in RD&E to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers

Our Vision: World-class innovation, creating solutions for Australian grain growers for a better tomorrow

Our plan is to propel growers and the industry forward through four strategic pillars:

  1. Harness existing potential by helping growers to hit yield and profit targets across every paddock, every season.
  2. Reach new frontiers to deliver step changes in the productivity of crops beyond what we thought possible.
  3. Grow markets and capture value to ensure growers have access to a diversity of markets and get more for the crop.
  4. Thrive for future generations to ensure Australia’s grains industry remains a global leader in sustainability, for people, the planet and our long-term ability to farm.

Strategically, the plan looks ahead to 2040, anticipating substantial changes in global crop mix and demand, the opportunity presented by new, potentially game-changing technologies, the need to address increasing seasonal variability and production risk and changing consumer and investor demands.

This means investing aligned to where the value lies, and how we approach and solve problems differently together will make the difference and ensure our success.

More detailed information about the new structure of our investment portfolio and any impact on research partners will be available in the coming weeks.