Grain producers sought to take part in Australian first trial

Grain producers sought to take part in Australian first trial

Grain Producers SA (GPSA) is on the hunt for 10 grain growers to be involved in an Australian first trial of a new tool to measure greenhouse emissions on-farm.

Today Expressions of Interest (EOI) opened for grain producers to take part in Australia’s first tech driven farm emissions reduction project by FLINTpro.

GPSA Chief Executive Officer Brad Perry said the State Government and GPSA funded trial is an exciting opportunity for South Australian grain growers to be the first to use ‘FLINTpro for Farms’.

“GPSA is putting out the call to find 10 grain producers to get involved in an Australian first tool to evaluate, benchmark and communicate the environmental footprint of their production,” Mr Perry said.

“There continues to be a focus on sustainability credentials in the grain sector from consumers, financers and markets and we want to offer opportunities for our grain producers to baseline and benchmark their sustainability utilising best practice technology.

“Through this trial, grain producers will be able to utilise the technology to integrate data and bring together a holistic view of greenhouse emissions on-farm.”

FLINTpro Director of Science: Agricultural Emissions, Dr Natalie Doran-Browne, said the tool aims to create a system for grain producers to confidently and efficiently measure and report farm emissions.

“Understanding the level of emissions from grain production is the first step towards managing these emissions and this is made easy within FLINTpro’s established framework,” said Dr Doran-Browne.

“Producers will apply the best practices in farm emissions reporting, tailored to their own grain operations.

“The tool will use a cradle-to-farm-gate approach, measuring the greenhouse gas output of on-farm activities, plus embedded emissions elsewhere in the supply chain – for example in fertilisers, chemicals, and diesel.”

For SA grain producers interested in participating in this trial, please send an email to Grain Producers SA at with your name, location and contact details. To take part in the trial it is important the grain producer has records and dates for farm yields and inputs.

Expressions of Interests will close 30 September 2022.