Fund your Future with the Ag Bureau

It’s time to fund your new ideas for your field of expertise by applying for one of the Ag Bureau’s long running awards – the Peter Olsen Fellowship and the Rural Youth Bursary.

Both these awards, offered by the 125 year old Agricultural Bureau of South Australia have paved many a pathways for previous young contenders, with the Fellowship of $8000 and the Bursary of $5000.

Entry is simple. If you are between 18 and 35 you are eligible to apply for the Fellowship, which is aimed purely towards those who have been farming over the past year and are looking to undertake further studies to increase their knowledge.

This award is not only limited to agriculture but also invites anyone from within the viticulture, horticulture and aquaculture industries to apply.

One person who has taken advantage of this opportunity is Damian McArdle of Chamberlain Orchards. As last year’s Fellowship winner, Damian has been in the developing stages of producing his very own label of Perry cider that should be released soon.

‘The fellowship has created great awareness and brilliant exposure opportunities for my Perry label, with knowledge of it spreading as far as Whyalla and the Eyre Peninsula,’ Damian says.

Entry for the Rural Youth Bursary is for those aged 18 to 30 and sweeps across the entire rural landscape, with the opportunity to pursue further study in any area of employment – as long as it is giving back to the rural community.

Alex Milner-Smyth, Executive Officer of South Australian No-Till Farmer’s Association (SANTFA), is playing a vital role in introducing sustainable farming methods to the state through her project funded by winning last year’s Bursary.

‘As well as assisting with building your industry profile, the bursary is an effective way for young people to build specialist skills or develop their knowledge on a narrow or emerging topic.  Developing an area of specific interest lends itself to a host of potential opportunities as your career progresses,’ Alex says.

Applicants of both the Fellowship and the Bursary will be selected according to their prior achievements and abilities within the field, with the potential to further increase and apply their innovative techniques.

Mark Grossman, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Agriculture is eager to see what new talent will be discovered.

‘These awards give young community members the opportunity to achieve their plans for the future. In recent years, an outstanding display of self and community development has been achieved. I encourage anyone to apply for these awards.’

Exclusive to Ag Bureau branch members, if you know anyone who deserves to be commended for their efforts towards agriculture, please nominate them for this year’s Services to Primary Production award.

This award is for anyone who has had a role within agriculture for some time and can include the service industries, government, education, research or agro-politics field.

‘Services to Primary Production is a great way to recognize someone who has given a lot back to the industry’ Mark says.


Apply by the 19th August for your application to be considered for these awards. Details on how to do this are available from the Ag Bureau website, or by calling Admin on 8165 3221.


Media Contact: Michelle Arbon, Advisory Board of Agriculture Communications Officer 0404 707 973 or Yvonne Correll, ABA Awards Coordinator 0438 273 264.