Establishing a Containment Area (Part 5 of 5)

Greg Koch from Glen Turret Pastoral, discusses why he established a containment area.

Droughts Led to Us Building a Containment Area

I built the containment area because it was triggered by the droughts, initially, and we brought our sheep into sacrifice paddocks, to feed and water, and to try and protect the rest of our property in terms of the pasture and erosion, etc. And we did that for a year and thought that’ll be fine, next year will be a better year and it didn’t happen.

We had another year of drought. And so with some funding from the NRM board, we set up this containment area so we could bring all of our stock in here, in one small area and we could do all the feeding in here which we were doing anyway. By doing that it saved me a lot of time during the day, because some days it could take up to a whole day to feed our sheep, and now I can do it probably in a couple of hours.

Stock Feeding Efficiency

It’s also been quite good for me because I can actually delegate my daughter to do some feeding as well because I’m not always available and so it’s quite easy for Chelsea to come in here and feed for me as well. One of the other reasons too is we actually wean all of our lambs in here here so when the lambs are weaned, they come in here.

Because it’s all electric fencing, they learn pretty quickly how to respect fencing, and so we have lambs in here for up to 10 days, and then after that time where I can quite happily let them out in the paddocks, and we don’t have a problem with them anymore wandering all over the district, hassling the neighbors.

And that works really well. we’ve found and we’ll continue doing that

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