Biodiversity in low rainfall grazing systems of South Australia

Encouraging native species in grazing systems in the Upper North of South Australia has provided many benefits in terms of soil health, biodiversity conservation and production.

Achieving and maintaining ground cover is key to making the system work on Neil and Antoinette Sleep’s family property near Peterborough.

Listen to Neil discuss the benefits of maintaining ground cover and increasing biodiversity in the grazing system with Jodie Reseigh from Rural Solutions SA. This project is supported by Upper North Farming Systems, through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country, Eyre Peninsula NRM Board and Rural Solutions SA.

View the following videos in this series on use of perennial plant species and cell grazing in the low rainfall climate of the Upper North of South Australia:
Perennial shrubs for low rainfall farming.
Establishing perennial shrub pasture
Cell grazing explained
Cell grazing — benefits and challenges