Benchmarking the value of natural capital to Australian farms

Benchmarking the value of natural capital to Australian farms

Farming For The Future

➮  Have Natural Capital Accounts prepared for your farm, at no cost to you

➮  Be a part of a national research project gathering evidence about the value of natural capital to Australian farmers

Farming for the Future is an important project that will play an active role in helping farmers combat climate change and biodiversity loss without sacrificing production or farm business performance.

Through a combination of philanthropic, industry, government and private sector funding, farmers will be given the opportunity to help design, build and test a benchmarking system designed to quantify the value that agricultural natural capital generates for farm businesses and farming families.

Natural capital in agriculture is the natural resources that producers manage for the benefit of their businesses, their families and for future generations of producers.

In this initial stage, the program will ideally suit livestock operations between 600ha and 5,000ha in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Southern parts of WA.

Expressions of interest are also being sought from Farm Consultants and Farm Advisors to become trusted Service Providers to Farming for the Future or who are interested in participating in design and consultation sessions. Interested parties should register on the Farming for the Future contact us page