Applications Now Open – GRDC seeks diversity in Panel applicants

The profitability of grain growers in the southern region is influenced by countless factors, not only on-farm but also well beyond the farm gate.

That is why the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is encouraging applications from people throughout the grains industry supply chain for positions on the GRDC Southern Regional Panel.

Applications for positions on the Panel are now open to people in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania who are passionate about advancing the grains industry and ensuring growers’ enduring profitability.

Panel chair Keith Pengilley is urging anyone who plays a role in the industry – from growers, advisers and researchers through to people in agribusiness, grains processing and manufacturing – to consider applying for a position.

“The GRDC’s primary concern is grower profitability and there are so many factors, both on and off the farm, that affect growers’ returns,” Mr Pengilley says.

“Having input from all points of the supply chain will therefore add significant value to the Panel and give us a much more holistic approach to addressing issues impacting on grower profitability.”

Mr Pengilley says the GRDC is focused on achieving a breadth of skills and experience on the Panel.

“We now have excellent geographical coverage throughout the southern region through the 38 members of the Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN) who are spread across the three States to ensure all important regional issues and ideas are captured and presented to the Panel.

“So our priority is attracting a diversity of expertise and knowledge which brings different perspectives, ways of thinking and doing things.”

Mr Pengilley says the GRDC, through the Panel positions, is offering a unique opportunity to contribute to the grains research, development and extension (R,D&E) agenda in the southern cropping region and beyond.

“Being a Panel member is one of the most rewarding, stimulating and interesting roles on offer in our dynamic grains industry,” Mr Pengilley says.

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