Application for Ag Bureau awards: Extending the opportunity of a lifetime

The Ag Bureau have extended their Peter Olsen Fellowship and Rural Youth Bursary application dates until 16th September, providing more young South Aussies working in rural industries with unlimited possibilities to foster their ideas.

 ‘We are calling on extra candidates to enhance their creativity and career by trusting their own abilities in what they can achieve through this opportunity,’ Advisory Board Member and Awards Coordinator Yvonne Correll says.

 Both awards of $8,000 for the Fellowship and $5,000 for the Bursary sponsored this year partly by PIRSA will aid in funding the ideas of young people beginning their careers in the rural industry sector.

 ‘Submission just requires an outlined study or project idea of where the young person wishes to head in their rural industry career,’ Yvonne says.

 Selection is majorly based on the applicant’s passion for their area of interest. Previous years’ winners have taken their ideas overseas for exploration to destinations such as Europe and the United States, displaying the scope of these awards for your career and your community in the long term.

 For any further enquiries, please visit the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia website, or call 8165 3221.