ABARES releases South Australian crop report

ABARES releases South Australian crop report

Winter crop production in South Australia is forecast to fall by 4% in 2021–22 to just over 8 million tonnes. The decline in winter crop production is largely due to lower wheat production compared to the 2020–21 season, because of lower production forecast for the Mallee which is expected to more than offset higher production elsewhere.

Most cropping regions in South Australia recorded below average rainfall in September, except for the Murraylands, where rainfall was mostly average. Sufficient rainfall and mild temperatures during October boosted yield potential of most crops, especially those that were later sown. However, the improvement in growing conditions during October generally arrived too late to benefit crops in the upper parts of the Eyre Peninsula and the Yorke Peninsula that were affected by dry conditions in early spring.

Harvesting of winter crops in South Australia began on the Eyre Peninsula in early October. Heavy rainfall in late October and throughout November has slowed harvest progress in large parts of the state but is not expected to significantly affect crop quality. Strong winds and hailstorms on the 28th of October and 6th of November have also caused isolated crop losses in affected areas.

Winter crop forecasts, South Australia, 2021-2022

Crop Area '000ha Yield t/ha Production kt Area Change % Prod Change %
Note: Yields are based on area planted. Area based on planted crop that is harvested, fed off or failed. Percent change are relative to last year.
Sources: ABARES