Disc Seeders and No-Till Seeding Systems

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Steve and his father-in-law Don crop 1500 acres near Riverton, South Australia.

As a Nuffield Scholarship recipient Steve has done extensive research on the zero till disc seeding systems. This farm has been existent since 1850’s. And my wife’s family had the property here. We took over twenty years ago and saw an opportunity where we could farm through this area.

Fifteen Years of No Till Seeding

We’ve been doing 15 years of no till, with ¬†press wheels and points and last year for a few paddocks we actually bought a new seeder in from Argentina with disc machines and so this year everything we put in with discs.

Seeing them overseas and some people in Australia, where you don’t have to do anything to the stubble to be able to go through it and so, yeah we’ve gone into the disc machine, so we can keep all the stubble, minimal soil disturbance, or zero disturbance. I feel we were doing the right thing by keeping as much stubble as we could.

Looking at increasing soil, biota or the living part of the soil, increasing the organic matter where we can feed the soil biology and we can get into a system where there is a continuous flux of both carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus for the plants to be available, rather than in the traditional hit at seeding time, hit at growth stage 31. We can see a continual flux of that nutrient cycling and therefore will be better for the plants.

Disc Seeding Machines in Australia

There is a number of machines available in Australia that were disc machines which were big and very costly. I saw one the other day for a new one was three hundred thousand dollars. That’s not including the box. So, it’s a lot of money and being a small to medium size farm, we couldn’t afford that and justify it but I’ve heard that there are machines overseas and some starting to be imported into Australia of smaller machines that would do the job. And so, part of my nuffield was zero till disc seeding systems, I was looking at.

And that led me to South America, and into North America where they do produce machines for smaller cockies and i ended up buying one out of Argentina, Bertini its called and they actually made the machine for my specification. So that was excellent and landed in Australia just over one hundred thousand dollars for a eight point eight metre a machine with a 5000, 200 litre seed box and super box.

Nuffield scholar , Steve Ball speaks to us about his newly purchased disc seeder and no till seeding systems.

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