About Ag Excellence Alliance

The Ag Excellence Alliance (Ag Ex) was established in 2005 to help increase the viability of South Australian farmers through providing leadership and effective linkages between grower groups and key stakeholders.

Ag Ex manages a range of projects that contribute to the sustainability of farm businesses across South Australia. Projects are supported by a diversity of funders and delivered in collaboration with grower groups.

Ag Ex exists to:

“support SA’s broadacre agriculture communities by leading innovation and practice change through grower groups, in collaboration with advisers, natural resources management (NRM) organisations, agribusiness, research and development organisations, Government and education institutions.”

Ag Ex aspires that through its work:

“SA’s broadacre farmers, through grower groups, have the resources, networks, knowledge and skills to assist in achieving sustainable, resilient and prosperous agricultural industries and communities”

2017-2022 Strategic Plan


On this website, you can find out more about Ag Excellence initiatives such as:


Membership is FREE and OPEN to organisations or individuals who are interested in participating in Alliance activities or those who simply share similar interests.

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The Ag Excellence Committee

Chair: Leet Wilksch   |   Vice Chair: Nat Sommerville   |   Treasurer: Nat Sommerville

Committee Members: Brett Bartel, Meg Bell, David Evans, Ian McFarland, Trent Potter, Mark Stanley

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Annual Reports

Annual Forum

Each year, Ag Excellence holds an Annual Forum.  See photos from the 2018 forum here

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