You can now download presentations from the recent 2018 Ag Excellence Forum


Theme: Livestock Innovation & Extension

Session One:

SEAN STARLING, General Manager, Meat & Livestock Australia

Cutting edge strategies to increase the profitability & sustainability of the red meat industry

MELONIE SHEPPARD, Project Manager, Red Meat Profit Partnership

‘Innovation & Extension’


Theme: What works for Grower Groups – Stories of Success

Session Two:

INDUSTRY PANEL – ‘Working Together’ – GRDC Stubble Initiative

FELICITY TURNER, Research & Operations Officer, Mackillop Farm Management Group

‘High Rainfall Region’

TRENT POTTER, Yeruga Crop Research

‘Medium Rainfall Region’

TANJA MORGAN, Project Manager, Mallee Sustainable Farming

‘Low Rainfall Region’

RACHEL CHIRGWIN, Chair, Mid North Young Guns

‘The Road to Success’

MATT NOTTLE, Vice Chair, Upper North Farming Systems

‘2017 PIRSA Grower Group Award Winner’



Theme: Grower Group Strucutre & Governance

Session Three:

CINDY CASSIDY, Chief Executive Officer, Farmlink

Coming Soon

ANNABELLE BUSHELL, Executive Officer, Grower Group Alliance WA

‘Evolution of WA’s Grower Group Network’


Theme: Emerging Trends in Extension

Session Four:

DR BEV GOGEL, Senior Research Fellow, University of Wollongong

‘Online Farm Trials’

DEANNA LUSH, Director, Ag Communicators

Building trust in ag – the role of farmers and advocacy bodies

LUCY BROAD,  General Manager, Grower Extension & Communications, GRDC

To invest in RD&E to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers


Theme: Round Table Discussion

Session Five:

SARAH NOACK, Research & Extension Manager, Hart Field Site Group

& NAOMI SCHOLZ, Project Officer, SARDI

SUMMARY Round Table Discussion



Theme: Findings on the Value of Farming Systems Groups

Session Six:

ASSOC PROF RUTH NETTLE, Academic, University of Melbourne

‘Value of the National Grower Group Network’


‘WA Findings’


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