Ag Ex future needs and funding for grower groups workshop August 2015

Future needs and funding for grower groups was the focus of the Ag Excellence workshop held recently in Adelaide.  Presentations by a diverse range of industry representatives set the tone for a successful workshop session, facilitated by Jeanette Long, Ag Excellence committee member and Ag Consulting partner.  A list of issues identified at the Melbourne grower group meeting in March earlier this year included a need to focus on the ‘Value of Collaboration’. This included minimising duplication to increase efficiency; networking; greater leverage; and the continued importance of ideas and innovation. The workshop built on this theme with valuable discussion between farming groups resulting in a number of key outcomes.The groups continue to show a proactive approach to their future, and can be commended on their focus to meet local research and extension needs.


Sheep_AgEx presentation

PIRSA_Ag Excellence Alliance 17 Aug 2015

DEWNR perspective – AgEx Future needs grower groups Aug 2015

GRDC_2015-08-17 AGEX Forum Adelaide





National Alliance of Farming Systems Groups

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