Establishing an Environmental Containment Area Part 2/5

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Selecting the Best Location for Containment Areas

There’s a couple of key points that you need to remember when you’re looking to select a site for a containment area. The first one is looking at the slope of the site, and you need a nice gentle slope – two to six percent across the site works really well. And that just helps ensure that any runoff from the site is able to get away from the pens and not remain on that site. The other thing to be careful of is when you’re actually selecting where the pens are going to be located is that they’re located across the slope, not down the slope. So that whenever that the pens or whenever you have a rain fall event, the run off from those pens doesn’t go from one pen to the next.

Consider Drainage Issues

The other thing to look at is making sure the drainage from the site is actually collected, so any drainage from the site needs to be directed into a collection pond, or alternatively you can also use dispersion areas, which can be cropped and take the nutrients away as well. The other thing to look at selecting a site for a containment area is its proximity to yards and feed access so you don’t have to be able to bring in feed from long distances away.

Review Separation Distances

The other thing to remember is also looking at separation distances, so it’s important to make sure that the containment areas located at least a minimum of 200 meters away from any water courses that are around. Also, it’s a good idea try to make sure it’s at least twenty to fifty meters away from any property boundaries that you have.

And proximity to houses and also towns or any areas or any sensitive areas like that and they need to be looked at individual because they all depend on the distance to those sites and also the number of animals that are within the containment area as well. that’s probably a couple of the key things to remember when you’re looking at selecting a site for a containment area.

Part 3

Hamish Dixon, from Productive Nutrition, discusses choosing a location for your containment area.

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