Ag Ex farewells long-standing committee member Ian McFarland

Ian McFarland Sheep Connect / PIRSA is commended for his many years of contribution to the Ag Ex Committee. Ian’s extensive experience and knowledge of South Australia’s sheep industry has provided valuable insight in to the committee’s operations. “Ian has been an integral part of the Ag Ex team for a number of years and importantly, a key conduit between the two organisations.” said Mr Wilksch, Ag Ex Chair. PIRSA has been a long-standing supporter, both financially and collaboratively of the Ag Excellence Alliance. Mr Wilksch acknowledged the vitality of this partnership, “PIRSA has partnered with Ag Ex on a number of extension projects within the agricultural industry, including the successful Mid North Mesonet and soon to be completed Riverland Mesonet. We look forward to continuing to develop and foster this partnership with the assistance and guidance of current committee member and PIRSA representative, Brett Bartel.”

From Left: Leet Wilksch, Ag Ex Chair; Ian McFarland,

PIRSA & Mark Stanley, Ag Ex EO

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